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Rehabilitation care at Viking Manor Nursing Home

Rehabilitation Care

The Rehabilitation Department at Viking Manor Nursing Home specializes in physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapies. The approach and training of our rehabilitation team is centered around concepts and modules related to specific areas of function. By improving areas of function such as mobility, communication, or activities of daily living, residents can increase their quality of life and develop independence in their lives.

Receiving some sort of rehabilitation is often a very important part of a residents recovery process. Without such therapies, the quality of life for that individual can diminish drastically as they lose the ability to perform certain tasks. The sooner they receive care, the better chance they have of being discharged back home.


Short-Term Rehabilitation at Viking Manor is an individually designed program that ensures each patient achieves their highest possible level of function in the shortest amount of time with the goal of returning home. Long-term residents can also receive rehabilitation therapies if needed as part of their care plan. Residents will be put on an individualized treatment plan depending on their condition. Rehabilitation is available during the week and our case managers can help to coordinate Medicare or other insurance coverage. Whether after a hospitalization for acute illness or surgery, orthopedic joint replacement, injury, stroke or cardiac episode, or recovering from any complex medical issue, our rehabilitation program will be structured around you.

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